Monday, July 26, 2010

Makeover: Just Juxting Around in Humidity

More colors! Again my model is my cousin Kim. She had wanted me to do her makeup for a reggae concert she was going to with my sister and her boyfriend. I had wanted to incorporate greens because of the obvious reason (reggae concert!) yah lol. I love the fact that she wears solid tops so I can use any colors that I want on her. I think my sister is wanting some makeover love too but she loves her smokey greys and blacks. bleh! I want free control.

I actually had my cousin do her own face makeup and I just did her eye look. I was in a rush to go to a potluck with some friends so I was just calling out instructions to her while I got ready. Now she's wanting my contour brush, Mac #109. She asked me if I was taking my brushes back with me to school. Uh YES, and I'll be locking my all of my makeup drawers too. I asked her if I could do a makeup tutorial on her so I could post it on my YouTube. She said no, she just recently found out that I've been posting her makeover pictures on the world wide web. lol.

* all Mac unless otherwise stated *
Studio Fix Fluid, NC 42
Studio Lights Concealer, Sand
Set Powder, Invisible
Sculpt Powder, Shadester
Melba Blush
Espresso e/s (eyebrows)

Tete a tint e/s
Soft Ochre paint pot
Juxt e/s
Humid e/s
Blanc Type e/s
Red Cherry Eyelashes #503

Lip Erase, Dim
Lust l/g
Springbean l/g

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KrySTYLES said...

Your cousin looks great! I love it when people will let you do what ever on them, especially anything colorful! My sisters have me do their makeup as well but they always for for the smokey or natural look!

Distinque said...

Thanks! Yah, colors are so much fun to play with. Smokey and Natural looks can get kind of boring when constantly doing those looks. Thanks for visiting.

Dizzy said...

Great look!
New follower here! YAY!