Sunday, January 31, 2010

Order of Makeup Application

Everyone does has their own order of applying makeup. Here is mine!

1. Moisturize & Prime Face – After I wash my face and pat it dry; I immediately apply moisturizer to lock in the moisture of the water. Occasionally I use a primer like Mac’s Oil Control Lotion. I also apply lip balm so my lips are being moisturized before I add lipstick/gloss.

2. Eyebrows – I then fill in my eyebrows using Benefit’s Browzing and set them with Mac’s Brow Gel in clear.

3. Eyes – I always prime my whole eyelid with Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance. Then use another eyeshadow primer like Mac’s Paint/ Paint Pot in a coordinating color of the eyeshadow. Or I just my go to Soft Ochre Paint Pot or Blackground Paint Pot if I’m doing a smokey eye. I then apply my transition color like Mac’s Soft Brown eyeshadow; highlight color and lid color. Majority of the eye looks are in this order.

4. Face – Foundation, Concealer, Set Powder, Contour and Blush. I rarely highlight my face because I have some acne scars which get enhanced when using a highlight. Products vary with looks.

5. Eyes – Line my eyes with Mac’s Feline or Urban Decay’s Zero. Curl eyelashes, apply false eyelashes and add mascara.

6. Lips – Lipstick and lipgloss

I also use this order when I’m doing other girls makeup too. I make sure the eyes are done with the eyeshadows before I add products to the face. I don’t want to deal with fallouts when the face is already done. It’ll save on time and product. Why do I always do eyebrows first? Sometimes I completely need to start over on the eyebrows and I just use a wipe to get rid of the product


~Kymmy~ said...

I Prime, Eyes, Brows, Conceal, Foundation, Highlight, powder, finish the Eyes, lips :)

Distinque said...

~Kymmy~: Kool hope that works for you.