Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Healthy Cuticles = Healthy Nails

Hi everyone! So one of my obsessions are nails; a fetish for feet. I always look at feet. I can probably identify people that I know by their feet. Lol Weird I know but it’s something that has always been with me. One of things I noticed with people that have great nails is that their cuticles are in great shape. Moisturized and pushed back; I don’t recommend cutting them!

I’m fortunate to have great nails because of my cuticles. During school, I usually like to keep them short because it’s just a hassle to have them long and typing with long nails is annoying for me. My nails are pretty low maintenance the product I noticed that helps isBurt’s Bees lemon butter cuticle crème, it keeps my cuticles moisturized. Some tips are to keep your hands moisturized with lotion, gently push back cuticles after showering and use gloves when washing dishes (if nails are weak).

So before I cut them or lose them…here are pics of my nails (no polish) and with polish. This is the longest I’ve seen them in a long time. The pics with polish are from previous reviews/posts.

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e.motion in motion said...

You have great nails! I love the shape (: