Monday, October 26, 2009

Mac Studio Talk Fall 2009

So everyone's probably already made their purchases from the first set of Mac Holiday Collection. I haven't made mines till this past Saturday (24th) because I attended the Mac Studio Talk. The Mac Studio Talk is a seminar in which you have to make atleast a $50 purchase. It's about 2 hours long where there's two makeover going on and the MUA is explaining what they're doing, sharing tips, and featuring products. Overall, I think it's great for people to go and learn tips and tricks. I went with my cousin and my friend and it was their first time. It was my fourth time going and having my cousin and friend there made it fun. I kind of lost the enthusiasm because it is really for beginners. It was fun giving advice to my friend and cousin. I was at the Clinique counter and my cousin was standing in line with the brush set in her arms. I took it out of her arms and told her 'it's not good, just save your money for the regular ones!". lol. Three questions were asked and if answered correctly you won a prize. I won two of the three prizes lol!

It's probably one of the main reasons why I go. The second studio talk I went to I won two of the three prizes too. The first time around I won Yogamode from the Rachel Welch Collection and the mineralize eyeshadow in Ether. This time around I won a greasepaint stick and the zoom fast lash black mascara that is LE.

So what did I buy in order to attend the Mac Studio Talk? I got the smokey and warm eyeshadow palette. I'm big on collecting eyeshadow palettes so I got those. From a previous post, I already mentioned that Mac decreased their eyeshadow palettes. It's really noticeable!

I also got some other hauls, it'll be posted within the week


Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

i neeeed to go to one asappp.
cute palletes :)

yummy411 said...

i have yet to go to one of these master classes, though i felt like i have vicariously thru the blogs!!

i was thinking of getting the warm palette instead of the smokey palette..?