Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July! and first legit makeup job!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday. So what have I done so far today? Clean house, play with doggies and calming my doggies down because 2 of them are terrified of fireworks. Poor babies. But other than that I'm doing absolutely nothing. Nothing really exciting happens in my life lol. Seriously. BUT.......
Last night I did a trial run on my cousin good friend. She's getting married in August and my cousin briefly mentioned that I do makeup. So she asked me if I could do a trial run on her. So I've been doing research on makeup looks on tan skin and I found these inspiring photos. I've been asked to do makeups for weddings before but I've turned down the jobs because I don't want my first job to be on a wedding. The next reasons are the brides that did ask me have symptoms of a bridezilla. So I didn't want my ass chewed up on my first gig. I've done people's makeup before for like prom and import shows lol and working with colors are easy for me. Doing a 'natural' look or a 'enhanced' version of oneself is the hardest look to do. So what made me take this job? This bride I've known since I was in elementary. She's one of the most nicest and positive person I know. I've never seen her mad. So I guess she's the best first client to have right!?!

I think that corals/peach/pinks are great for brides but not for women of color. It does not show up so browns/golds are next. So I did two different eye looks on her and she and I picked the same look. I tried a shimmery champagne look on one side and on the other side it's a orange/pink/bronze look. She picked a shimmery champagne look.
Base Light
Soft Brown
Brown Script

Let me know if there's any other great color combinations for tan skinned brides!


KRYSTAL said...

wow!! her skin looks so smoooth and flawless! looks airbrushed! i love wedding makeups the best, they're so natural and simple looking yet very beautiful!

e.motion in motion said...

Ooo very nice! I think that color combo is the best for darker skin tones... lookes great (:

DENiSE said...

how fun is get to do makeup for other people! im reall thinking of being a freelance too.
thanks for the comment on my last post :D i love stars &'s one of my fave purple! i can't wait for that collection to come out.

Tina Marie said...

good luck if you choose to do their makeup. (: i'm sure you'll do fine.