Monday, June 29, 2009

FOTD: Bell-Bottom Blue

So here's another FOTD that I did last week, I had gone to a graduation party and a funeral that night. I've purchased Bell Bottom Blue pigment from the Naughty Nauticals Collection last fall and I had yet to try it. So I thought I would put this look together.

This eyeshadow placement is one of the easiest ever! Great for when your running out of time and it's practically all in the blending. I really recommend this method for beginners. Then add on more eyeshadows when one feels comfortable. It just consist of a lid color (Bell Bottom Blue), crease color (Soft Brown, love this shit!), and a highlighter (Ricepaper, really great for people with a yellow undertone ahemASIANSahem). I added an additional eyeshadow (Carbon) because I had time to do so but it really wasn't needed. I also have Fly-By-Blu pearlglide liner on the bottom lash line but it really doesn't make the look pop like how my Rave liner did.

I was pretty surprised that Bell Bottom Blue pigment wasn't as dark as I thought it was. I consider this a mid-Blue color. I also thought I could take the blue further up so more of it is shown. All in all, it's one of my favorite looks to pull since blue eyeshadows do compliment brown eyes.


yummy411 said...

very pretty! soft brown is the shizz. that's been my default transition/crease color!

My Fashion Frenzy said...

Great job :)

eye said...