Friday, May 15, 2009

Welcome me Back!

Hi everyone! I’m back from FINALS and finally home now. Yes! So I have a whole summer then another year of schooling to finish up with my Bachelors in Biology. Then who knows how much schooling after that but I’m just enjoying the break. I’m really happy to be home with my family, friends and my babies! Their names are Patches, Rufus, and Juicy. Three spoiled dogs. Rufus is actually my dog that belongs solely to be but gets taken care of by my mom and dad.

So I’m putting away all of the things I carted back from school and I’m completely overwhelmed by how much space my makeup takes. It’s currently taking up 2 drawers, a traincase, a storage case and some other free space that I desperately need. So a sale is coming up so I can get rid of some of these makeups that I’ve never touched or hardly touch. So stay tuned for that.

So look forward to FOTDs and Product Reviews!

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