Monday, May 18, 2009

My New Brush Bag

So I've been searching for a brush bag that I can take with me when I travel or when I go out and I need a few brushes to keep with me just in case of a touch up. So I purchased this Mac brush bag from a seller on Specktra. It was part of 2008? Nordstrom Holiday Collection called Perfect Style. Also another reason I got this is because I also have two other makeup bags with the same design (a large and small). So it has 8 brush holders that can hold regular size Mac brushes and a flap for protection. The other side of the bag has a large zipper pocket that additional products like lipglosses and quads. So when I was doing research on this bag I found it available on the Mac site! with the 4 full size brushes included ($125). I thought I would mention it since its a really nice bag.

^^ My other makeup bags with the brush bag.


Jennnyy. said...

i like the hot pink interior :D

e.motion in motion said...

Hey there! Thanks for following my blog (: nice posts you've got here hehe. Sooo where in HI are you from? (: