Saturday, April 18, 2009

Product Review: Mac Prep & Prime Face Protect SPF 50

So I had a request to do a review on the Mac Prep & Prime with SPF 50. I've heard some good things about this product and the fact that it has a high SPF content is plus. So here is my formal review on the Mac Prep & Prime with SPF 50.
Product: 4.5 out of 5
Packaging: 3 out of 5
Quality: 4.5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Price: $28 @ 30mL

Would I repurchase this item? Yes
Available:; local mac counter.
A skin-protecting cream with SPF 50. Applies under makeup to prime the skin for the sun. Featherweight, fast-absorbing, oil-free, invisible. Will not affect the look, texture or long-wear integrity of your makeup. Specially formulated with oil-absorbing powder, helps prevent oil breakthrough. Provides high-level broad spectrum sun protection. Worn daily helps guard the skin against discolouration, premature aging, dryness and other effects of sun exposure. Suitable for all
Pros: The biggest pro for me is the SPF content! The benefits of wearing a product with SPF can be found here, it made my beauty must-have! There aren't many primers or moisturizers out there that have an SPF content and if there is, it is relatively low like an SPF 15. Also it works great for absorbing oil, I noticed that throughout the day
my face isn't as shiny as it would usually be. It also makes applying foundation easier, it just blends in.
Cons: Since it does have a high SPF content it doesn't photograph well. It can give a white-ashy look in the photos depending on your skintone. It doesn't happen to me and I'm a NC 44 so I highly suggest people to sample it out. It's one for those products where you'll figure if you like it or not in one or two uses. Another con is the packaging! I hate squeeze tubes especially this one because the packaging itself it not flexible enough so when running low a great amount of pressure needs to applied to get the product out. The price is also kind of steep running at $28 @ 30 mL. I haven't used it all up yet but I heard it lasts for 3-4 months with daily usage.
Overall: A great primer to use with or without makeup. I suggest using this when the skin needs protection from the sun. I would use this when I'm out doing errands and going to school but I would just use my regular moisturizer and primer when I go to work since I work indoors and won't need the high SPF protection.

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yummy411 said...

great review thanks! i got the prep and prime before they came out with this one with high spf. i didn't think it did much for my makeup but be that barrier of protection. however, i pulled it back out the other day.. wow it made my concealer glide on with ease!! so silky smooth!