Friday, April 3, 2009

Layering Nail Polishes? Why Not!?!

Bored with your current nailpolishes but don’t want to spend money on new ones? Layer them to create a new look. So I paired OPI’s, Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey (2 layers) and OPI’s DS Design (2 layers)…eye catching huh? It was actually very hard to take photos of because it was so shiny! It wasn’t like that in real life but with the flash it was. The good thing about this combination is that when the nail polish chips (it eventually will) it isn’t too obvious. I had it on for about a week and that’s pretty long in my standards.

Know any nice layering combination?

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vietxpinay. said...

wootwoot! what a coincidence! i loveee layering my nailpolishes! i JUST did my nails a few minutes ago (i hope im not messin 'em up while typing this) but i used a black nailpolish from Bourghese (from rite aid) and then added one coat of OPI "brand new skates" from their holiday collection, so instead of having jet black nails, i ended up with a shimmery gunmetal grey =) I LOVE IT!