Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beauty Must-Have: Lighted Magnifying Mirror

Beauty Must-Haves, a new monthly series featuring a beauty product that I think is an absolute must have (in no particular order). Very similar to product reviews but these products are MUST-HAVES so expect high ratings on these babies. It may include beauty tools and limited edition products featured in the latest collections. So enjoy my new beauty must have series!

Beauty Must-Have: Lighted Magnifying Mirror
I think many women have these because I see them in their youTube videos BUT if you don’t…hurry and jump on the bandwagon. Not only is this item a beauty must have but a money saver. Notice how I didn’t specify a brand because any will do just as long as it has these features

- Double sided mirror ( a 1x/ higher magnification I have an 5x on the other side)
- 360* mirror rotation
- More than 3 light settings (mines have 4)
- A sturdy base!

I own a Conair Lighted Magnifying Mirror and I really depend on it. My mom and sister were using it while I was home and when I went off to college you bet I took this baby with me. It didn’t take too long for them to purchase their own lighted magnifying mirror. I went to the salon less and less then it eventually lead to not going at all. I now tweeze/thread my eyebrows which save me about $20 month (I haven’t gotten my eyebrows done since Aug ’08) and I also tweeze my underarms. I use to get them waxed also but now I can tweeze the hairs as soon as they start popping up. I also could not stand waiting for them longer that my comfort zone length in order for the waxing to be efficient. It’s also great for applying makeup. I just rotate the mirror to the 5x magnification when I apply mascara and makes the job so much easier I swear. The price ranges which each brand but my Conair was $29.99 at Macys and that is with additional discounts.

Do any of you own these?


Nu Nu Doll said...

I have one of those! :)

vietxpinay. said...

no! i dont have one but i've been on the search for one.....ARRGGHHHH i need that, ASAP!!