Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back from Spring Break

Hi everyone! So I'm back from Spring Break and that week break was much needed. I went back home and I got to spend time with my family and friends. It was a eventful week. I had 2 appointments to go to and I also had to drive my mom around to her appointments. I had my niece's baptismal, my mom's birthday, nephew's 1st birthday, and dinner with my co-workers. It was great! completely different from being locked in my apt doing homework and studying!

^^ Naiomi (my niece) and my mom (she's wearing NYX Hebe round lipstick)

So I'm back to blogging business, the next post is going to be a review on NYX round lipsticks.


misskatho said...

Hey! I jus wanted to say I like reading ur blog! The reviews are helpful! Ttyl!

Distinque said...

MissKatho: Thanks so much! Let me know if there's anything u want a review on:)