Saturday, February 21, 2009

How To:Brush Cleaning Tutorial (Spot Clean & Deep Cleaning)

So I’ve been meaning to do a tutorial on this for awhile. Sorry Yummy411!, But here it is! I’ve tried many different methods of cleaning makeup brushes and this honestly is the best method for me and I think it’ll work for many. So this method was introduced to me from Vanessa. I was trying many methods because it was annoying me that my white goat hair brushes could never get to its original white unless I bleached them which I did from time to time and it does work. (Have bleach on the tip of the brush for 30 secs then wash the hell out of it, like literally) So this is the safer method in which my white brushes would be restored.

I use a Loew-Cornell Brush Cleaning Jar and with it a pad where one side is like a fuzzy brush material and the other side a sponge type of layer. The fuzzy side will be facing up to the opening of the jar and this is where the brushes will be rubbing against to remove the residue. (See Video)

How often do I change my replacement pads?
- I have yet to change them. I take pretty good care of my things when it comes to makeup. After cleaning my brushes I air dry the pad and once it is completely dry I store it in a Ziploc bag so it’s away from moisture, dirt and dust. I use to store it in the jar itself but I noticed that the jar would collect some moisture and I didn’t want my pad to be all moldy. I think that as long as it’s clean and there isn’t any wear to tear you can still use it. We're cleaning brushes with it not scrubbing dishes!

Where do you purchase them?
- Michael’s Craft Store
The website that has the best prices on these babies but the S&H is a bit pricey..running about $7+ so I highly suggest ordering with someone and do big orders like 2 jars and 2 replacement pad refills (that will last you a life time). Also pick up those awesome Loew-Cornell brushes that I spoke about!

- RexArt
Another website, the prices are a bit higher than hofcraft and the shipping is around the same price. I had listed this just in case hofcraft was out of them. Also I think they have more art supplies too for you artists out there. Also check out the Loew-Cornell brushes!

Keep those brushes clean!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the tips for cleaning my makeup brushes.

I find that a great set of brushes makes a world of difference in makeup application so I definitely want to take care of them properly.

I use this set:

They are so soft and there is literally a brush for everything. I also like how the pouch keeps everything clean and organized.