Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Survey: Beautified

So one of my my favorite beauty bloggers is Christine from Temptalia. She's awesome, I love her product reviews and her posts. I got this Survey from her!

What was the last new beauty product you purchased?
Does nail products count? If so, it was the Konad's nail stamping.

When you’re feeling down, ________ lipstick/lipgloss makes you feel happier.
Saplicious lipgelee:) A nice nude cream lipgloss with a little shine.

What look were you wearing this past Saturday?
I wore a light blue smokey casual look with a pink nude lipstick.

What beauty product do you wish you could afford right now?
RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner! $150 hawt damn or an eyecream...I don't know of one that I actually want. Good eye creams are usually expensive.

If you had to give up foundation or concealer, which would you give up?

Concealer, foundation sometimes is enough for sometimes.

Besides you, the biggest beauty addict you know is ___________.
I don't know of anyone personally but SephoraJunkie on youtube has some awesome makeup hauls. Lollipop26 does alot of skincare hauls. I'm the biggest beauty addict that I know.

Could you go without any makeup for 30 days?

Sure can do! I live like a hermit, I hardly go out. The only time I wear makeup up is when I go to work and its light makeup.

Join me, and fill out this questionnaire.

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