Monday, January 5, 2009

FOTD: Gold Smokey Eye

So every year my friends and I have our traditional annual Christmas dinner (this is our 4th year?). This year my friend Irene and I went to Outback. Our other friend Krystle couldn’t make it because she had to take care of her mom. We also exchange gifts and open them too. I got my makeup done at Mac because I’ve been itching to have my favorite MUA do my makeup and I had to get some things anyway so why not get a free makeover right. That night I wore golds, beige, greens and browns. So I asked her to do a golden smokey eye on me. This is the FIRST gold/brown look I’ve allowed her to do on me. I usually ask for colorful looks but I love this look! She also used the falsies that came out of the Chill Collection.

Studio Fix Fluid, NC 42
Studio Select Cover-up, NW 30
Mineralize Skinfinish, Medium Dark
Refined Deeper Bronze
Melba Blush

Paint, Base Light
Gold Spice, Metal X eyeshadow
Amber Lights
Brown Script
Penultimate Eyeliner
41 Lash
Lash Dash Mascara


I was pretty happy with the look and people thought that I did it! My two friends said ‘ oh, you could have don’t it yourself!!’ So I think this is a pretty easy look to pull off.

^^ Dirty Gucci Glasses, need to clean them!

2007 Christmas Annual Dinner, Irene and I

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yummy411 said...

gawjus! i'll have to check out those lashes. btw, those shades are bytchin! love 'em!