Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dame Edna Collection Review

So the Dame Edna Collection was released on the 26th and it’s completely different from the last collection (Chill collection) which was the last one launched. This collection is full of color, from it’s packaging to its products. The bright lilac packaging is what personally draws me in. I am a bit upset about the glasses being stickers but at least there’s a clear protective covering on the eyeshadows which will secure the red glasses.

The lipsticks and glosses are the true shiners of the collection. I passed on these primarily because the colors are not an everyday usage lipstick. It’s just going to be those lipsticks that are used less than 10x a year for me. If I didn’t have Splendid lipgloss I would had picked it up in this collection, it’s a real nice coral lipgloss. So I guess the only thing for me is the Wisteria eyeshadow trio and that’s because the blue stood out for me.

**Pictures and Swatches below** - The special edition packaging...I'm a sucker for those!

- The Wisteria Trio!

- Swatches of the Wisteria trio and possible dupes for Wisteria e/s.

That's my review on the Dame Edna Collection, hopefully I'll post a look from this collection soon.

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yummy411 said...

thanks for the review! kind of disappointed with the swatches of the trio esp next to that pigmnet! i need to check out the lippies!