Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome Back!

Hi everyone. I'm back! Sorry but I have been busy with the move and trying to get situated in Hilo but today was the last of the errands. Luckily the Mac counter here isn't far either (5 mins?)and I guess MAC isn't a big issue here in Hilo because I went in yesterday to see the Cult of Cherry Collection and there was no customers at all. Hah! It's a good thing to know that I don't have to rush to the counters before a product gets sold out. Another plus is that my workplace is across the Mac counter. How awesome is that! I know what to do on my breaks now. I did some small chit chat with one of their MUA while I was looking through the Overrich Collection. She goes..."Do you know how to apply pigments?" ain't that funny...I almost laughed.

I don't have much makeup here because I only 6 eyeshadow palettes, 4 containers of sample pigments, 4 blushes and a handful each of lipsticks and lipglosses. The rest is home in Maui...all locked up.'s locked up.


Lani said...

nobody at the MAC counter?? that's odd. lol. are you going to have the rest of your makeup shipped to you or are you leaving it at home?

Distinque said...

I know it's like a ghost counter. I'm leaving it ALL at home:( with the strict baggage rules now I don't want to risk it. I almost lost my Mac Volcanic Ash Exfoliator.