Monday, July 14, 2008

I need help with the Makeup Party!

So like I mentioned in my earlier post my friends and I are having a Makeup Party along with dinner. So I was wondering what topics should I cover? These are what I'm going to cover so far...

- Brushes (importance & purpose of them)
- Order of makeup application
- How to properly fill in your eyebrows
- Pigments (uses + introduce Mac Mixing Medium)
- Recipes for Homemade Brush Cleaner & Mixing Medium
- Blending
- Makeovers (I'm probably going to do some makeovers on each of them and explain to them what I'm doing)

I'm also printing handouts with face charts on them and some tips. Some of my makeup will be for sale at the party including some pigment samples.

Anything else so far that I should go over with? Also should I do my makeup there and explain what I'm doing OR do it at home and just explain with words what I did?

Thanks a bunch!


Rona Ann said...

hmm I think you pretty much have everything covered. As for your makeup, I think you should wait to do it that way they can see you doing it and they can learn. Or if you don't want to do that, you can just get one of your friends and do her makeup so they can see. =D

yummy411 said...

sounds like you are covered! just be sure to tell them to use primer before shadows hahaha. i know you will.

i think you should have a demo on someone... do 1 look, already have one eye done, and replicate the other for (cuts time in half!). i always like to see what we are going to accomplish. also be sure to have cards with your blog and email address.. not necessarily a biz card, but just something so they can take with them for reference if they want to know more than you can go into in one night. i believe you said this was a group of girlfriends.. but i don't know if all of them read your blog.

good luck and have fun for us! don't forget pics!

NessasaryMakeup said...

Sounds like fun and what a great idea!

Sara said...

What a fun idea! A makeup party sounds like a blast. You pretty much have everything covered as far as makeup goes. Maybe go over good color far as what different eyeshadows, blushes, and lip colors go well together.

Hope it goes well!

Best Wishes