Monday, June 23, 2008

Product Review and Swatches: Lancome Stylish Neutrals Palette

So I've been lemming over this palette for over a year but I refused to pay the retail price of $70! I've already paid full retail price for the other palette Best Dressed Cools which features silvers, blues, purples and a black eyeshadows. The Best Dressed Cools I would compare to the Naughty Nauticals and Cool Heat Collections from Mac! Lancome have 3 of these palettes, the only one I'm missing now is the Couture Warms which features the browns, golds, and greens.
Oh yah I got this baby on eBay for less than $30 which already includes shipping! SCORE

Product: 5 out of 5

Packaging: 5 out of 5

Quality: 4 out of 5

Overall: 4 out of 5

Price: $70.00

Available at: at your nearest Lancome counter;

So the reason why I've been lemming over this is because it makes the perfect everyday wear makeup. You can easily do a day to night look with this palette. Perfect for vacations because its an already made palette where the eyeshadows are secured in their slots. This palette is great for everyone although I think that using a pink base would help bring out the colors. As you can see it's really difficult to see some of the lighter shades of pinks ('s really hard to bring out pinks with my complexion) but I'm sure a pink base like Mac's Fresco Rose Paint pot and Mac's Pink Couture Shadestick would help. I've also love Lancome eyeshadows from the start. Their eyeshadows are very blendable and pigmented!

PROS: An everyday wear palette that everyone could pull off. It's practically the same size as a Mac eyeshadow too so $70 / 8 eyeshadows = $8.75 for each eyeshadow which is cheaper than a pot and pan version of Mac's eyeshadows. It's also a tad cheaper than 2 of Mac's quads (4eyeshadow). The palette also features a mirror which is the length and width of the palette. A great travel palette!

CONS: The lighter shades of pink are hard to pull off and it seems like a pink eyeshadow base would help the problem. Hey maybe some of you girls out there could pull these lighter pink eyeshadows.

OVERALL: A palette to consider buying but I suggest swatching the eyeshadows on your hand to see if your complexion can pull off some of these shades.

Be on the watch for a FOTD with this palette. Will also be doing a product review and swatches with the other palette...Best Dressed Cools


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

great review. i have a problem pulling off pale pink eyeshadows off... when i wear pink eyeshadows i have to use pinks that are at least in the medium range... otherwise the pale/light pink will just look like white eyeshadow on me. LOL

christy. said...

Wow those are fabulous eyeshadows for an everyday look :D

Distinque said...

Christiana: I know! I think its an asian thing because RenRen has the same problem too. Might be the olive/yellow skintone we have?

Christy: They are..can't wait to do a look on them!