Thursday, June 19, 2008

Customer Service...

Hi everyone. So as I made my daily site visits to my favorite blogspots I noticed that Lani had made a recent post reflecting on her birthday lunch at Sizzlers and how awesome their customer service was. Although it was a post that was not makeup related I believe that Customer Service is very important. At times it can be just as important as the product.

So I've tried some mineral companies out and majority of them have been really nice. Taylor Made Minerals although I've ordered from them once and my samples came with their business card/thank you card and it was nicely packaged. The She Space pigment hauls (I ordered 3-4 times from them) included a personal handwritten thank you note and when I ordered multiple samples of a particular color she gave me extra baggies 'just' in case I wanted to share with others. Simply Naturals included 3 free samples pigments and a sample of their 4 in 1 makeup remover.

Electric Cosmetics although have some great pigment samples they are poorly lacking in customer service. Here are the reasons why...

1. I also had to email them reminding for the 3rd time about how I did not receive my $3 referral discount/credit after placing the 1st order. I did receive it after the third time of contacting them though.

2. They forgot to include 5 pigments in my 1st order. I always go through the invoice to check off what I actually got in the package. So I noticed that they shorted me 5 pigments. I immediately emailed Desiree and I was real nice about it. I mean everyone makes mistakes. I was glad how she responded within 24 hours and apologized for the inconvience it caused. She also mentioned she was going to include a gift certificate for the inconvience.

3. They did not redeem my $3 credit/discount when I placed my 2nd order. (You can only redeem the credit on the 2nd order).

4. I got my 2nd order in and everything was in there excluding the gift certificate she mentioned that she was going to send.

Don't get me wrong I was not looking for freebies it was nice that she OFFERED them to make up the inconvience it caused me. It's also nice of the company to OFFER the referral program to consumers. It is not cool that the promises of these credits did not happen.

Will I be purchasing pigments from them again? NO. There are other great mineral companies that I can spend my hard earned penny on for great minerals. I never tried to contact Electric Cosmetics for their mistakes because I'm quite done with them. I wouldn't want a merchant credit from them anyways.

How much does customer service matter to you?


Lani said...

yeah girl i hate getting bad service. People just don't the meaning of real customer service nowadays. most places have youngins that are really rude. i think i will follow up on this and make an extended entry on customer service-my good and bad experiences lol. ;)

Lani said...

sorry don't know* lol.

Roxy said...

oh god, tell me about it! i just blogged about my bad experience at the MAC store in pearlridge! lol customer service is extremely important, that sucks that electric cosmetics did that to you =[ but the good thing is there are a LOT of places with good customer service =]