Monday, June 16, 2008

Cool Heat: Review and Comparisons

So the last collection that Mac launched was the Cool Heat. When it first came out and I saw the promo pics I was extremely excited because like most colored-loving people blues/teals/green are their most favorite colors. I actually don't like doing swatches and product reviews on collections because my Mac counter here doesn't get their collection on time (to my knowledge they still don't have Cool Heat..i know STILL!) so I buy my products via internet after looking through and through swatches and reviews of the colors. So after alot of good reviews and swatches I got Climate Blue, Gulf Stream, and Cool Heat.

So I got my package and seeing them in real life it was like 'DAMN, I already have these colors!' . Seeing the product is the best thing to do but of course I had to go based on swatches and pictures of the eyeshadows. Temptalia is probably my best source on swatches and reviews but I placed my order before her review came out. So while I was on the hunt for dupes in my Mac collection I found some pretty good dupes for these colors. Christine (Temptalia) and I had the same dupes in our minds. Hah! What can I say Great Minds think alike! ;)
So here are the comparisons...

As you can see the finishes on the eyeshadows are similar to each other. Funny huh!?! The comparions are all limited editions...just like the Cool Heat Collection...right..

Climate Blue vs. Jeweltone: Jeweltone is lighter than Climate Blue but in the pot/pan it looks exactly the same. Climate Blue I believe don't have too many dupes in the Mac Collection so I'm not too disappointed in buying it.

Gulf Stream vs. Tease N' Teal: Tease N' Teal is a slight lighter than Gulf Stream but it's a real good dupe. Gulf Stream has less of a sheen to it.

Cool Heat vs. A Bluer Blue: A Bluer Blue is a slight darker than Cool Heat but if you pack on Cool Heat I think you get A Bluer Blue.

((Note)) These were taken with flash over UDPP and applied with the same amount of pressure/swipes. Oh yah, I'm NC 43 ... yep I'm tan

The Jeweltone was from my Blue Palette, I need to make another Blue the idea of taking a picture of the palette and printing it on the front of my palette was NOT my idea. It's EnKore's idea...I'm sure everyone knows of Enkore.

A Bluer Blue and Tease N' Teal are from my 2005 Holiday eyeshadow palettes. Majority (9 of 12) of the eyeshadows I have yet to touch. I like looking at my palettes...I'm hesistant to touch them! I haven't even touched majority of my eyeshadows in my 2004 Holiday eyeshadow palettes.

Overall, the Cool Heat was a great collection for newbies out there but I've been collecting for years so I have good dupes of these eyeshadows. I'm going to place 2nd Cool Heat order but for Solar White (everyone is talking about this one) and for the two fragrances. I haven't bought any fragrances from them yet.

Hope this helps!


Jnie said...

great comparison. they do indeed look very similar..hmmm....

Mrs. Lynne, said...

aye... i might have added the wrong comment in. sorry!

great comparison sis. what on earth is MAC doing just repackaging LE colors under different names... hmmm. hah.

Distinque said...

jnie: yah i'm sooo being much more particular with how I pick my eyeshadows.

Mrs Lynne: i know doesn't it crack you up! When I was looking for the finishing of the eyeshadow and the comparision finish it's like...the SAME. crazy MAC

Lani said...

great comparison girl! thanks for the pics. and i am exactly the same as you. i have those two palettes and i've barely touched most of the colors too. crazy. but i admit and agree, they are so nice to look at LOL. ;)