Saturday, June 28, 2008

Comparison: Lancome'sBest Dressed Palette vs. Mac's Naughty Nauticals and Cool Heat

So I've posted the pictures and swatches of Lancome's Best Dressed Palette. Did you recognize any colors?!?!?! It's pretty comparable to two of Mac's summer collections: Cool Heat and Naughty Nauticals. More so Naughty Nauticals because of the blues and purples. So here are the comparisons! All pictures taken with flash over UDPP.

Comparision: Mac's Shore Leave vs. Lancome's Drape is very similar. Drape has a little more frost but it isn't really noticeable. Mac's Solar White looked like it would be a good comparison but when I swatched it I was wrong. Mac's Solar White has a very frosty gold to it.

Comparison: Mac's Bell Bottom Blue vs. Lancome's Garment, no real comparison when swatched but Mac's Bell Bottom Blue over Garment looks like a good dupe of Cool Heat's Blue Flame. A real nice navy blue color!

**ERROR** In in the swatch above there's a mix up between Lancome's Personal Style and Best Dressed.

Comparison: I thought I would find a good dupe with Mac's Mutiny vs. Lancome's Best Dressed...guess not. But I discovered that Mac's Mutiny isn't as pretty as it is in a jar, when applied it's very frosty so frosty that it practically hides the nice color that it should be. Lancome's Personal Style is what Mac's Mutiny should be!

Comparison: Mac's Lovely Lily is a really pretty purple and I think a good dupe is a mixture of Drape, Tailored and Drama.

Hope these comparisons were interesting!

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christy. said...

Nice comparisons! :) I am in love with MAC Solar white; it's such a gorgeous color. I've been eyeing one of the blue Lancome shadows for some time now. They always catch my eye in the store hhaa.