Monday, May 19, 2008

FOTD: This is as natural as I can go/This is as smokey as I can go

So I hardly do browns...don't know why. I guess once you play with colors you never go back to browns. Browns was actually the FIRST eyeshadow colors I've ever played with. It was just browns for awhile. Then I eventually ventured into colors...and boy did I see the light. I think that the easiest color to transition from brown are purples. So people out there who are scared shitless of going beyong browns..try purples! It matches anyone and everyone:)

So let's go on to the FOTD please..

Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 in NC 43 (#190)
Studio Fix in NC43 (#150)
Refined Deeper Bronze (#129)
Afterdusk (#129)
YogaMode (#109)

UDPP, all over lid (clean ring finger)
Paint pot in Indianwood, lid (#242)

P igment in Tan , lid (#239, with mixing medium)
Bateau, crease (#217)
Claire De Lune highlighter (#224)
Urban Decay 24/7, zero
L'oreal Volumnious

Honeyflower l/s
Bateaux l/g


Mac pigment Tan is a great pigment to have. It's a sparkly golden bronze, it kind of looks dull in the pics but its the camera and I'm also pretty tan. Kim Kardashian also uses this and it looks great against her complexion. Lemme find a pic of her using it and I'll post it up!

Mac lustreglass in Bateaux is awesome. I decided to get this from the Naughty Nauticals because 1) its something different from Mac 2) I don't have a lipgloss like this and 3) it'll match almost everything. It kinda looks like a orange-gold lipgloss. I think this baby will do well with everyone.

This is as smokey as I can go....

So these pictures are from my best friends 22nd bday, Krystle, we went to Tiki's. A pretty laid back bar/club because there are tables! I hate clubs where there's no tables. It's like are you frekk'n kidding me, standing on 4inch heels for a long period of time is like a death sentence..SERIOUSLY. So I did a smokey look on myself and my two best friends. Krystle and Irene (the girl with the glasses) had a all black smokey it's probably the easiest smokey eye to do...I did do a tutorial on this folks! and I have a transition smokey eye which is a light gray-gray-dark gray-black in crease.


Emilee @ GMM said...

You guys look great! Your friend's smokey eye look skiller, too. :)

I totally know what you mean about browns, lol. Everytime I start putting on brown, I tend to get a little crazy and it ends up looking like a smokey "night out on the town" eye, hahahah.

Distinque said...

Thanks:) It was really a quick smokey eye too. I'm a sticker when it comes to being on time and since she was late for her makeup it was a quick smokey eye.

I SOOOOO know what you mean when it comes to browns.