Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Staying here...Welcome me back

Hey everyone,
Today was suppose to be the launch of my new beauty blogger but looking back at this page and the amount of postings I have (~ 340 posts), followers (120+), and popular postings. It makes sense to just work with the better foundation...which is here. I really wanted a new start but all that newness also comes with zero support.  So I'm going to spend a whole lot of time transferring the postings that I have lined up at the other site to this one. I also want to look back through my postings and delete the ones that I feel aren't up to par?

Why am I back at this again? Well recently I've been doing makeup gigs. I've done some in the past but I wasn't promoting myself so gigs were far and few in between. Just doing makeup on my family members and friends for fun was the thing for me. My friend, Mandy, was getting married and I didn't like the work from the trial makeup that the makeup artist. So I asked if I could play with her face:) it was really just for fun. She hired me on the spot, and other opportunities have come up and that's why I'm back to blogging. I think it's a good way to showcase my work and also provide some opinions that I have on some beauty products. Plus it's a great way for my friends to go back and see what products I used on them.

- Shayna

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