Saturday, January 5, 2013

How I remove my makeup:)

Hi everyone, today I have a post that doesn't include a haul. Today's post is on How I remove my makeup. I've used many various makeup removing products and this combination has to be one of the best and most affordable. I picked this method up from FarahDhukai, an amazing YouTube that has some great natural beauty tips. You basically need Pure Almond Oil ($12) and unscented baby wipes ($2).

Here are the steps:

1) Wet face with warm water to soften up the makeup.
2) Apply 1/2 tablespoon of almond oil onto baby wipe and rub the baby wipe together to evenly distribute the almond oil.
3) Remove eye makeup first by holding wipe to eyes and gently pressing fingers onto eyelid and lash line to distribute oil onto areas. Gently move the baby wipe downwards, repeat till most of the mascara is off. Repeat to lower lash line.
4) Use a clean area of wipe to remove face makeup. Depending on look, it may take 2 wipes to remove makeup *I've never needed to use more than one wipe*
5) Wash face with regular cleanser. 

The Almond Oil pictured above will probably moisten 3x 100 packs of baby wipes! Which in the end it totals to $18 for 300 makeup wipes, $0.06 per wipe.

- Distinque

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