Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review: Nicki Minaj - Fly & Metallic 4 Life

 This manicure I used two nail polishes from the new Opi collection featuring Nicki Minaj. I purchased them on ebay for $11 and that also includes free shipping. Good thing too because the salons are selling them for $14+. I have Fly on all of my nails and its a bright turquoise blue color with a creme finish. I also have Metallic 4 Life/Save Me on my ring finger.  NOTE: On the box it says Metallic 4 Life but I think this polish is Save Me?

Fly applied sheer and I actually applied two coats which ended up not being enough (I was totally impatient because I was watching Grey's Anatomy). I really thought Fly wouldn't have given me any problems because it's a darker creme color and usually only the light ones apply sheer. Metallic 4 Life/Save Me is a glitter nail polish that has gray small glitters and rainbow bar shaped glitters suspended in a clear polish. This applied well considering it's a glitter polish and I ended up using 2 coats. The thing with glitter nail polishes is that you can't control where the glitters go. So I had some glitter bars at the end of my nail that I actually had to trim off before it drives me nuts. A nice combination these two.

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