Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Revlon Sparkling & Essie Jazz


The latest nail polish that I purchased was Revlon, Sparkling. It's a metallic pink glitter (small glitter particles and large hexagonal glitter) suspended in a clear base. I didn't want to wear the glitter on its own so I did some research and I saw a nude base under the glitter and it looked fab! Sorry I forgot who's blog I saw it on. Plus I can kick out two reviews in one manicure. So I used Essie's Jazz as my base coat and it's a creme finish that applies on the thick side. Revlon's Sparkling is a sheer polish, it took three coats to appear like the picture above/below. One con that I don't like about glitter nail polishes that have two different sizes in them is that there won't be a even distribution of large glitter. It's a very feminine combination that catches a lot of attention  

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