Monday, January 9, 2012

The Polished Perfectionist Giveaway

Base: Essie - Jazz, Glitter: Revlon - Sparkling

Hi everyone, so I'm sure by now everyone knows my nail/nail polish obsession is pretty much equal to my makeup obsession. I have an obsession for hands and feet since I was young. If I had the talent I can probably draw the hands and feet of my family and close friends. I visit many nail blogs and the one that I consider the Queen of Nails is AmyGrace, The Polished Perfectionist.

I actually emailed her a concern of mine which is nail staining. She actually respond! Which goes to show how nice The Polished Perfectionist is. She also has some posts that I refer to like hand and nail care, how to wrap your nails, etc.

And now she's holding a great giveaway. I hope I win.

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