Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

Welcome 2012! 2011 had its ups and downs. More downs than ups but I'm glad I accomplished majority of my 2011 resolutions. I think the reason why I did so well with my 2011 resolutions is because I wrote it down and had it visible for me to see throughout the year. I currently have it on my iPhone but before the night ends it'll be on my bulletin board:)

I decided on the amounts of my makeup budget. It was really hard because I wanted it to be attainable but challenging at the same time. So these are the amounts, I've broken it down to $500 makeup, $300 skincare and $75 nails (nail polish, treatments, cuticle oil & cream). Wish me luck cause I'm going to need it. As for hair, I really don't spend a lot of money on my hair. Haircut 1-2x a year, drugstore shampoo and conditioner? Don't need to set up much of a budget there.

Another goal is to lose another 30 pounds. Such a challenge but hearing compliments and seeing clothes not fitting has kept me motivated to keep on going!

The last beauty related goal is to be a dedicated beauty blogger by posting at least 1x a week and keeping up with youtube.

The rest of my goals don't really concern beauty such things. I've created financial goals like saving an (x) amount of money, having Macy's not make a penny off me in interest (that was a 2011 goal that I reached. Wassup now Macy's! Stupid 20+% in interest) and writing in my journal every seven to 10 days.


Eugenia said...

Happy new year!

Eugenia said...

Happy new year!

Distinque said...

Happy New Year Eugenia!

yummy411 said...

happy new year! i'm so happy you are back. i'm so happy for you that you reached your weight loss goals (did i already leave this coment some where? idk... anyhoo i really need to follow in your footsteps! i really don't know why i can't kick my butt into gear. i have so much motivation *looking in the mirror* gahhh!

your makeup budgeting ideas are sounding really good to me right now!

Distinque said...

Happy New Year! Most of my life I've been on a diet (seriously) but I really want to make it work and I did through diet and exercise. I took sugars, artificial sugars, and carbs (except fruits) out. I also exercise 5x a week and drink a whole lot of water.

As for makeup budgets for new year resolutions, I just have too much makeup. I have boxes of makeup in my closet, under my irritating cause I know I'm not going to use it up and I hate the fact that I'm wasting money. So I set up a realistic budget:)