Thursday, July 15, 2010

Makeover: Kiss by the Sun

Yes, another makeover! It's similar to my Summer Bronze Tutorial that I recently posted , the technique and some of the eyeshadows are different but majority of it products are similar. The reasons why I changed the colors is because my cousin is lighter than me. A whole lot more, I'm a NC44 and she's like an NC 40/42; I know it seems like it's not much number wise but it's a lot if you compare us in real life. Her eye shape and crease are also different so I adjusted the technique to suit her.

* all Mac unless otherwise stated *
Studio Fix Fluid, NC 42
Studio Lights Concealer, Sand
Set Powder, Invisible
Sculpt Powder, Shadester
Melba Blush
New Vegas MSF (highlight)
Espresso e/s (eyebrows)

Tete a tint e/s
Indianwood paint pot
Woodwinked e/s
Lancome Take e/s
Bateau e/s
Blanc Type e/s
Red Cherry Eyelashes #205

Lip Erase, Dim
Lust l/g
Springbean l/g


Tina Marie said...

Love this one!! Bronze is definitely a pretty color for her skin tone.

Distinque said...

Yah, her skin is a golden tan. Goes well with these colors