Friday, May 28, 2010 update

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the kind thoughts and concerns over my doggie Rufus. Rufus is doing well, really well. The vet said it's a miracle that he's doing so well with no diet restrictions or any medicines. He passed all the tests that they did on him, neurological ones, since he was having seizures. What was the underlying cause? We really don't know we're just happy that he's healthy and happy.

School has been over for a month now, one more semester of school and I graduate with my BA in biology and a minor in chemistry. I'm currently studying for the PCAT, a pharmacy entrance exam required by most pharmacy schools this summer. There's a pharmacy program at the school I'm attending and I hope to get into there. *fingers crossed*

What's new with makeup? NOTHING lol. I made my first Mac AND makeup purchase for myself two weeks ago for the year of 2010. Amazing!?! huh. I purchased a cream color base in Pearl, Instant Chic blush, chromagraphic pencils in NC42 and black black. That's all I got:) When you're used to seeing only 2 palettes of eyeshadows, no blush, no contour powder, 2 lipsticks and 2 glosses for 2x 4 months intervals; you get use to just seeing that. Then blam! I'm home and I have 7x 15 Mac eyeshadow palettes (not including LE & Holiday palettes), ~20 get my drift it's an exponential growth that I'm not used to seeing at all.

I don't regret buying all of this makeup (well sort of, it could have gone to my CC bill instead!) because it brought me much joy. I don't smoke, bar hop, club, or drink so this is where my money went to, my money not my parents. I want to get back into doing makeup so I can put more effort into my appearances and feel better about myself; I already have the tools I need to work on the skills. I've been actually applying makeup when I go out! haha, I usually just throw on a baseball cap. So I'll try to do more looks and reviews but no promises.

On a good note, I've been actually going to the gym:) To date, I lost 20 pounds! I want to lose even more throughout the semester.

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e.motion in motion said...

Aww, where'd you get the Instant Chic from?? I checked at our Macy's counter a couple of weeks ago and they said it was "long gone" even though they still had the display up :(

Distinque said...

Instant Chic, I got it in Maui. My friend asked me if I could check my counter here for it and if I could get her a backup. She's fair like you and it looks great on her. I tried it on myself but it's very sheer against my NC44 skin.