Monday, January 18, 2010

My fave blendng brush?

So after my review on Sonia Kashuk large crease brush, Yummy411 had asked me what's my favorite blending brush? I use 217, 224 and the Sonia Kashuk large crease brush in every look. I occasionally use Mac's 226 and 222; depending on the look.

My favorite blending brush is....217! Its more tapered than the 224 so there's more control and precision. It's also softer. The bristles allows me to apply the right amount of eyeshadow. I have 3x 217 eyeshadow brushes..can't do without it.

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yummy411 said...

thanks! no other brush compares! ;) i need a 3rd or 4th brush =p do you have the 222?