Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mac's 2009 Holiday Palettes

Hi everyone. I just came back from looking at the Mac 2009 Holiday Palettes. My MUA called me and told me that they are available for pre-sale, seeing that I'm going to be attending studio talk along with my cousin and a friend it wouldn't be in my hands till October 24th. So I went there so I could get the palettes I wanted on hold.
My first reaction? Damn, they got small! Mac decreased the size of these palettes by 25-30%. I know you can't tell in this picture but just trust. lol I've been buying these palettes since 2004 and they got smaller in size. I know that the packaging is better quality this year but who cares. I can't put packaging across my eyelids. Nonetheless, I have smoke and mirrors, sorceress, and devil may dare on hold. I'm questioning ALL of my choices but I have till the 24th to make the purchase.
Questioning ....
- Smoke & Mirrors because I have every smokey eye palettes mac ever brought out.
- Sorceress because I have purple eyeshadows and the other column of eyeshadows seem like chunky glitter.
- Devil May Dare because of dupable colors.
Mystic? I have those colors and the eyeshadows are not everyday wear type of eyeshadows either. The deep turquoise blue reminds me of a bluer blue from their 2005 Holiday palette. The dark blue reminds me of Deep Truth and other colors probably won't show up against my NC44 complexion.
I'm probably going to end up with smokey & mirrors and devil may dare palettes. I don't intend to purchase anything else from the holiday collections but let's see how that goes.

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yummy411 said...

i've been meaning to tell you thanks for the preview and your comments to give us heads up!

holiday is coming already (out today?) dunno. this year is flying by.