Wednesday, August 26, 2009

M.A.C by M.A.C

Image credited to KarlaSugar

So I actually got the chance to actually see the Mac by Mac Collection today. It’s a really big collection, good chunk of it were repromotes which is a good thing since I’m on a makeup budget. The items that caught my eye were the liners. I had to hold myself back because realistically I won’t be using those colors. I do have Otherworldly and Pharaoh paint pot which resembles Artistic License and Color Matters liners. Just set the paint pot with a translucent powder and there ya go! I have all pigments except Bold and Brash pigment but it’s not an everyday color so I’ll probably just pick up a sample somewhere. I completely passed on the lipsticks and glosses. The quads were simple, suited for fall and wearable. The colors were toned down and different from what Mac usually presents. I’m deciding between the Photo Realism and Notoriety Quad or just getting both. In doing the wedding gig, I really realized I need more wearable colors. Not everyone is comfortable putting Electric Eel on their lids. So I’m atleast getting one of the quads.


Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac] said...

wow you made the colors really pop! these r the best swatches ive seen! did you use a base? if so wat kind/brand?

Distinque said...

Hi Cristina! I wish I could take credit to those swatches but KarlaSuguar.Blogspot.Com is where I took the photo from. She does awesome swatches so follow her!