Thursday, July 16, 2009

FOTD: Hawaiian Sunset

*Click to enlarge*

Hi everyone! So I went in for my makeover at Mac. My MUA who's been doing my makeup for the past...3-4 years have been itching to do a makeover on me because the last one was in December for my annual Christmas dinner with my friends. I had wanted to try products featuring in the Color Craft Collection but I really wanted the look to be vibrant and eyepopping. The mineralize eyeshadows aren't as pigmented as I had hope it to be. I went to Mac early so I was looking through some eye charts and this popped out to me. It features some yellow/orange/and red. I think it looks like a Hawaiian Sunset..hence the title. So I had asked my MUA if she could do the look on me and it came out great. She also used Angel lipstick on me because my cousin was there for the makeover and she wanted to see how it would look on me. So the products that she used on me is on the face chart above, click to enlarge.

Hope you like this look because I do! I'll do a look featuring the products I received in the Color Craft Collection.


Jaclyn Rose said...

ooooh i do like that! thanks for the inspiration. the MUA did a fantastic job.

I might recreate this look for my outing this Saturday!

becky said...

i like it! Its very pretty on you girl!

e.motion in motion said...

Looks lovely! I have never been to our MAC here ever lol. I mean I've walked past but never actually stopped to look or buy anything xD It just seems kind of intimidating to me lol. Hence the reason why I own practically nothing MAC :P

yummy411 said...

awesome look! i love how much it looks like the chart! rare!