Friday, June 5, 2009

When a Beauty Addict can't SLEEP!

So I've been developing these really bad sleep habits like sleeping at 4am or 5am in the morning and waking up around lunch time. I've been reading my romance novels like crazy! I haven't been reading these throughout the school year. So what does a beauty addict do when she can't sleep?! Organize her makeup drawers/dresser of course. I've already organized and cleaned the top of these dressers which contain 3 sterlite containers of makeup but I didn't get to organizing my makeup dresser which have locks on the side (forced my young brother to drill locks into them). I know it looks bad but it's really the top layer that's not organized lol. Seriously!

^^ Complete chaos I know!

^ All of my Mac quads/palettes are here.
^ My 15 slot eyeshadow palette which I haven't put in my swatch book yet. I also have this plastic divider organizer in which I put my glosses and lipsticks.

^ When the top layer is put back on

^^ Second drawer contains my Mac mineralize eyeshadows, metal x, 2x 88 eyeshadow palettes (matte & shimmer). NYX lipsticks and pigments:)

Done organizing!


mzkrystall said...

wow!! amazing transformation! lol. love it. so neat and organized!

kavukz said...

pretty amazing..i havent done mine yet..and my mom keep screaming at me!

p/s:following u.

Kaz said...

that's a lot of stuff! i like your container for the pigment samples & mineral e/s.

Jennnyy. said...

oh man i wish i had enough makeup to organize so prettily like that! =P

yummy411 said...

man! i need organization like that for my personal stuff! thanks for sharing!

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

wow! that's a lot. how long did it take you to organize everything?

" KT " said...

oOoooo your makeup stash is tooo die for!!!