Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FOTD: Style Warrior Inspired

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates but there's graduation season and I've been going to a funeral a week and there's prayers also to attend to but I'm back! and full of updates. So I know that Style Warriors passed and here's my look for this collection. It was from a face chart from this collection but I forgot which one.

Base Light Paint
Bright Future Eyeshadow
Brown Script Eyeshadow
Bateau Eyeshadow
Post Haste Eyeshadow
Grape Pigment
Carbon Eyeshadow
Brule Eyeshadow
Feline Eye Kohl
Rave Pearlglider
Voluminous Mascara

It didn't actually come out how I had wanted it to but my friends liked it. I had dinner with them that night and they asked me what colors I was wearing and their jaws dropped because I had so many eyeshadows on. The face chart ONLY listed like 2 eyeshadows which is bullshit because the look was blended and when using different color families (yellow & purple) blending it makes the overall look muddy. So it needs transition colors which enchances the look and can't really be seen. Without the these colors though the look really looks off. I'm going to have another go with this look again because on my MUA it looked hot.


Stephie said...

that looks super hot! i especially like the glitter on your bottom lashline.

dirtontherocks.com said...

oh i liked how the makeup look that hint of glitter on the liner tops it off. :)

yummy411 said...

that's grape pigment on your bottom lid sparkling like that? i love the look too!