Monday, June 8, 2009

Dupe: Mac's Entremauve Pigment

Hi everyone, I wanted to start a on-going post topic on dupes. There are many brands out there and there's especially one brand ahemMACahem that always comes out with these great collections on a monthly basis and honestly no one can keep up with buying these wonderful products. Some of these wonderful products closely resemble another product from a previous collection or from the regular line. So this will be a ongoing topic that will surface my blog to help myself and individuals in better product purchases. If you would like to contribute please do!

So I ordered some mac pigment samples from and Entremauve was one of them. It's a dark purple with some blue and pink reflects. I tried it out and I absolutely loved the results. Since I only ordered a sample I was a bit scared to use it on a regular basis because I didn't want to run out especially since hunting it down is a bit difficult since it's one of those long ago limited edition products. So I was browsing through mac pigment swatches on Specktra and user did a comparison on Entremauve vs. Grape and it's pretty similar. The first photo (above) doesn't really show a strong similarity but I believe its the lighting because the Grape pigment is closer to the light source which makes it appear lighter.

^^ As you can see Grape (regular line) is pretty similar to Entremauve but with better pigmentation.

Hope this helps:)


mzkrystall said...

wow they really are similar!

Pop Champagne said...

wow they are pretty similar! Does it last as long as MAC's?

Lily said...

thanks for the review!

Distinque said...

Pop Champagne: Both pigments are from Mac but Entremauve is LE and Grape is in their regular line.

Mrs.Zeus said...

They're so close, thanks for the review and if you're feeling a lil playful come drop by at and join us in Monday Matters.

Hope to hear from you!