Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! Makeup Haul Part 2

Happy Birthday to me! :( actually I'm not so happy, getting old. I'm 23 now, time is sure passing rather quick. First time away from family and friends on my birthday because I'm away for college. The past couple of years birthdays haven't been easy for me and I have a feeling it won't get any easier.

On a brighter note, here's my haul video part 2. I thought it was suitable today because I shared my Pisces astrology collection haul in this video. Part 3 will be up soon too.

Oh Yah, my roommate stops by my blog once in awhile and he commented that it looks like I'm not wearing any clothes. I am:) Who does makeup haul videos without any clothes!


argentinito said...


Telbaby said...

happy birthday! don't worry, 23 is still young! i wont consider myself old til waaay later lol. those pigments look really pretty, and the prices are cheap! i'm going to try, ty for the video!

Distinque said...

Argentino: Hello!

Telbaby: Thanks for the birthday wish. 23 is still young i know just hate aging. those pigments are super pigmented and you only need a little and for $0.50 you can't go wrong.