Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Collection Review: Mac's Sugarsweet

So the latest collection from Mac is Sugarsweet. Which officially launches on March 19, 2009. I snatched this swatches from KarlaSugar. I always use hers because she does awesome swatches. Thanks Karla! So this collection isn't appealing to me. I think that the colors are too pale and soft for my complexion. I think that this collection will appeal to more of the fair bunch of the beauty addicts. This collection also has many repromotes.

Sugarsweet lipglosses & lipsticks
Mac introduced a new product, the tricolor lipglosses and that also has the same packaging as a previous gloss that they launched...Stylistics? I believe. Eventually, the gloss will mix together so I don't know where that idea is leading to? The price for these glosses are a jump from the regular line lipglosses. They're at $17.50 @ 5 mL so $3 more than the regular line. It comes with a doe-foot applicator and I heard that it is difficult to remove the product because of the top on the lipgloss.
All of the lipsticks except Touch run in the pink family. St. Germaine and Lollipop Loving are both repromotes from previous collections. I have Lollipop Loving from the Heatherette collection and I think that its the most wearable of the bunch. That color is going to go fast.

Sugarsweet eyeshadows and shadesticks
Of all of the eyeshadows; Club, Aquavert, and Stars N' Rockets are the most pigmented. They're also repromotes! I have all of them! Aquavert from the Lure collection. Stars N' Rockets and Club are from the regular line. The other two are not unique colors to me and I also hate pinks because they do not show up on me.
The shadesticks appeal the most to me from this collection because only neutral shadesticks are sold by Mac now. The finishes on the shadesticks are kind of metallic so I didn't get any, though I thought I would pick up Red Velvet but I have Flammable paint and now that's red!

Sugarsweet MSF

Both of the MSF's are too light for my skintone so I passed up on those too. I usually pick up atleast one MSF from every collection but I couldn't justify me getting one since it'll hardly show up on me.

Overall: Disappointed with this collection. I felt that everything fell short. Alot of repromotes and poor pigmentation in this collection. I'm saving my money for Style Warriors, which I believe will look awesome on everyone including women of color. Plus the packaging to to die for!

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Caramel Geek said...

Yup, I agree. This collection isn't doing much for me. The only thing that I'm gonna get are Aquavert e/s (cause I missed out on Lure) and 2 shadesticks (Lemon Chiffon and Butternutty).