Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pure Luxe Haul + Pictures

Hi everyone! So I received the three packages I was expecting all at...ONCE. LOL the mailman couldn't fit it in the mailbox so he had to put some at my door. So I received orders from Pure Luxe, Holcraft, and Everyday Minerals. Reviews later:)

So I bought my mineral pigment samples in sample jars from Pure Luxe...1/8 tsp and they run about $1.00 but OMG! pigment was about $2.00 because more work is put into making it. They have many colors to choose from! Seriously alot! The pictures on the website isn't an accurate at all. I mean it gives you a basic ideal on how the pigment will look like but when you have like 15 different types of kind of want to be particular yanno? So I seriously suggest looking through blogs for swatches. Vanessa has some great swatches on them...her swatches actually made me want some too! Majority of the pigments I got Vanessa did swatches on so I'm going skip my swatches:)


The Home Spa Goddess said...

I'm going to order from Pure Luxe one day soon:)

christy. said...

I love all the colors. So vibrant :)

Lani said...

those are some yummy looking colors sis ;)