Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Oh MY!

Wow, I haven't updated my blog for so long. GEEEEEEZ, sorry folks! I've been super busy with finals then after finals I've been working every single day till Christmas. We're short handed at my branch and oh wells I told them I'll work. I do need to save for the Fafi Collection..I WANT/NEED everything:P From the Originals Collection I decided to get the Parrot, Reflects in Antique Gold and TransparentTeal. The Originals really didn't impress me. I guess it's because I like bold colors:) I'm also skipping the Authentics palette, that didn't impress me either. Nothing amazing there, the blush was okayyyyy but not enough for me to shit out $36.

As you can see I'm trying to be good. Gawd it's really hard though. I'm use to buying everything that I want but now I need to take into consideration what I have and is it similar looking to it? It makes me sick to know that my makeup is eventually going to expire. That's why I don't like to fork out alot of dough on lipsticks and glosses because they're the ones that usually go out first:( I'm trying to set a limit on every collection. I thought $50 would be a good goal per collection and if there's extra I can apply to another collection. I think that buying a little instead of not buying at all then spending like mad on one day is the key. Self-deprivation doesn't really work for me. So $50!!!!! a collection, it doesn't apply for skincare because those products are like needs yanno?

So it's been like over week that I haven't worn makeup, I haven't even been doing my eyebrows. Reason being is that my right eyelid was irritated for some reason. The inner corner was super dry, inflammed, and it also started to get darker. So I went to go see my dermatologist and he said it looked like my eyelid was starting to scar because he's noticed that when my skin is irritated it starts to scar. FREAKING SCARY! He thinks because that eye is more teary than the other and I rub my eye alot it irritates the skin on my eyelid and it's forming a scar. So he gave me some samples of this Protopic ointment and it's been over a week and it's a success:) It's like completely gone. My friends are bummed, they had hoped I was allergic to my Mac makeup. OH wells bitches lol. So that explains why I haven't been doing tutorials, well and the fact that my PC won't turn on! I hate editing my videos on my laptop. I have like the time to do the videos and to edit them but now my PC is broken. I'm stuck doing reviews because less editing time.

So how was everyone's Christmas? I got alot of giftcards...over $200, majority are to Macy's. So I scheduled a makeover at Mac with my fav artist. I gave her some fake eyelashes for Christmas. She's so super nice to me. Always showing me the Mac Promotional Book and putting things to the side for me when she knows I'll like it. She also gives me honest opinions about certain Mac products. She's not just promoting everything to me so she can reach her sale goals. I really appreciate that the most from her. She's the one that actually suggest I skip out on the Sculpt and Shape because it's blotchy and the consistency isn't that great. She even said I don't need to buy anything when she does my makeover:) God bless her soul, lol I will though

OHHHH one last thing, my sister and I were bored today so we did this challenge. I go to her makeup stash and pick out eyeshadows/pigments colors and she has to create a look, max is 5 colors. So I chose silver, pastel blue, reflects blue, dark blue and she could pick any highlighter. Do you know what she picked out for me!?!?! She picked Old Gold pigment (greenish/gold), Charteruse pigment (bright green), Your Ladyship pigment (highlighter), Fushia pigment (bright pink) and ELECTRIC EEL eyeshadow (brighttttt blue). Stinking bitch! I mean I could have made it work if it wasn't for the Electric Eel! It actually came out okay...just looks like graffiti on my eyelid. I would post pics but my Adobe Photoshop is on my PC. So this is what I did....

Old gold (inner corner)
Charteruse (mid eyelid)
Fushia (crease)
Electric Eel (outer corner)

It came out okay....hers looked better of course because of the color combination.
But yah sorry for long entry:) Lots been happening

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Christal said...

hey found your glob via stephie's....your looks are amazing. Oh and about prototopic I have that too, cuz sometimes my eyelid gets inflamed too, I have eczema. You know what else really works?? Its all natural way to help calm dry irritated skin. A honey and cinnamon mask. Yes I know sounds weird but trust me. I had the worst flare up on my eyelid not even the cream from my derm worked. dab a mix of money and cinnnamon leave it on for a few hrs. I did this for a few days and voila its healed. The reason is cuz honey when mixed with body fluids realeases H, therefore acting as an antiseptic.....p.s Im also a science major hence the nerdiness! ok please take care and dont mind my ramblimg

Christal said...

p.s glob=blog

Distinque said...

Christal: Thanks for the advice. At first I thought I had eczema because my eye area would be itchy and super dry. I'm going to try next time, but hopefully there won't be a next time. Going all natural was tough lol. Happy new year!

Christal said...

hahaha yah I know what you mean, I cant even go to the grocery store or rent a movie without ATLEAST putting on a bit of natural shadow on...ex sillk natural's vex dupe called nymph all over the lid OR shroom/naked lunch.....oh dear!

thanks and a happy new year to you too!

Distinque said...

Christal: LOL, i won't even go through the motions. I just put a baseball cap on my head and hope no one recognizes me:)