Friday, November 30, 2007


So sorry for the slacking of the blog because there's finals! I have like atleast 2 tests every school day. So blahhhh and I have a take home test for Chemistry to complete...lovely! I did a review of mac eyeshadow brushes and eyeshadow bases that I need to edit and post. I also did a tutorial on the cool palette from Royal Assets:) but that needs to be edited and some other crap. I'm debating if I should talk on my videos explaining the process or just have the text and music in the background. The music in the background method takes alot of time cuz of cutting the slides and adding the text but I'm sure people would rather listen music than me explaining things...what do u guys think? Oh yah I recently got my order from mac and I'm gonna do a mac haul:) That should be lots of goodies:)
Here's my review of Mac eyeshadow brushes!

Must Haves!
242: great in applying eyeshadow bases and to pact the eyeshadow onto the eyelid
239: great in packing eyeshadow and pigments to eyelid
217: great for blending and for the crease
227: master blender, great in applying highlighter
224: blending, especially for the crease (I prefer the 217 tho!)
266: great eyeliner brush, especially in applying fluidline



NLSL said...

Very good Blog

Stephie said...

hi ate! loved this review! oh and TAG! more on my blog if you want to play :) <3 you!

Distinque said...

nlsl: thanks...I hope it'll continue to be a good blog for ya!

Stephie: thanks! i wonder if i can tag you back? no? I don't know 7 peeps oh wells 2 well do. When are your finals done! I'm hungry for more tutorials:) I like the newly minted green with the white eyeliner on the waterline (hint,hint!)

Mrs. Lynne said...

good review sweetie! the only brush i don't have is the 227 - I WANT! looks sooo soft yet firm.